How to get Free Robux Easy 2022 Ipad

How to Get Free Robux Easy 2022 Ipad

How to Get Free Robux Easy 2022 Ipad – Generally, Roblox players get robux by buying it with money, but apparently there are ways to get robux for free.

Doing great ups or buying robux may feel heavy for some Roblox players. In particular, for players who have not earned their own money.

Don’t worry, Geraya.id has prepared information regarding five steps to get free robux on Roblox, no need to spend the same money.

Is it Robux?

Robux is a means of exchange or virtual currency in Roblox games. Robux can be obtained through digital wallets or legitimate websites that provide great Robux ups.

Robux can be used to buy various in-game points. Players can also use robux to connect some premium games.

In addition, Robux is used to change nick-name aliases, buy Roblox character clothes, and there are many premium features that can be obtained.

Steps to Get Free Robux (How to Get Free Robux Easy 2022 Ipad)

How to Get Free Robux Easy 2022 Ipad

How to Get Free Robux Easy 2022 Ipad – From the information regarding what Robux is and its role described above, it is understandable why free robux is really coveted by some Roblox players.

Just as promised, Geraya.id will provide some information regarding how to get free robux on Roblox. Of course, some of these methods are safe and legal. This is the narrative!

  1. Using promotion code Roblox
    The first step is to use the Roblox promotion code. This promotion code or commonly known as redeem code can be exchanged on the official Roblox website.

You can get Roblox promotional codes from various sources. If you find this promotional code, exchange it immediately, because there is an expiration date.

Roblox code promotion examples:


However, not all promotional codes give you Robux. Often these promotional codes will earn you free points. Check the promotion code and how to use it at the following link.

  1. Creating Games on Roblox
    The next step is making games on Roblox. This step, of course, takes time and skill. Creating games on Roblox can be started by creating an account, then pressing the ‘Start Creating’ button.

If you have successfully made games on Roblox, you can do monetization, such as providing in-game points that players can earn. This step can also make you earn real money.

  1. Using Microsoft Rewards
    The next step to get free robux is to use Microsoft Rewards. This program was created by Microsoft, which allows loyal users of Microsoft software to collect points.

Some of those points, if collected in a certain amount, can be replaced into free robux. Users need to sign up on the Rewards page on Microsoft’s legitimate website.

Unfortunately, this step is only available for Roblox players in the United States (US), and not yet available for Roblox players in Indonesia.

  1. Selling Roblox Avatar Clothes
    The next step is to make and sell clothes or clothes for Roblox avatars. This step takes time and skill, like step number two above.

Players can make designs and then upload Roblox avatar clothes which can later be obtained by other players. It must be remembered, this step can only be carried out by the owner of a Roblox Premium account.

Is it Safe to Use a Robux Generator?

One of the ways to get free robux which is famous for being the talk of Roblox players is to use a Robux Generator. So, is Robux Generator safe to use?

The answer is not safe. Using a Robux Generator is an illegal way to get Robux. That’s the reason, you should stay away from this step.

Using illegal and unsafe steps such as a robux generator can pose a variety of risks. One of them is the robbery of accounts and personal data.

Always be careful, guys! Keep up with the latest and updated information about games, esports, and pop culture at Geraya.id, OK!

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